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A story is still told today in Co. Leitrim of a notoriously cruel chieftain of the name of Reynolds. He lived in the 1700’s on the banks of Lough Scur near the village of Keshkerrigan.

It is said that the way he gained dominance in the region was that he invited all the other chieftains to his house under the pretence of holding a meeting so they could settle disputes by discussion and not violence. Once he had them all present he promptly cut off their heads and in this way could be said to have succeeded in his stated aim of having no more disputes.

He also had a jail built for his enemies on what has become known as Jail Island. I  went looking for the jail but was surprised to find his residence still in existence as well. It is on a tip of land adjacent to the lake with Jail Island just 30 metres or so behind it.

History of Lough Scur

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